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Module BM Articles Accordion show your items in the acoordion.

  • This module support Content component .
  • You can use this module on the top of your website as a slideshow. Your website will be more beautiful.
  • This Module support 2 direstions are Horizontal and Vertical.
  • Support 3 styles: Dark, Light, Sticth.
  • You can config with and height of Acoordion, if you want it auto resize follow screen's you can set width or height is 'auto'.
  • Support Select Resize Type: Select a Type to Resize Images (6 types, you can use ORIGINAL IMAGE type if want to show image not resized).
  • Support Get Images From: Where do you to get a image from an article (Full article image, Intro Image  or Intro Text).
  • This module support 4 themes to show items with different effects.
  • The module support: Auto play, Action on Hover, Stop on Hover, Slide Interval, Slide speed, Start Slide and many other params.