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The Washington Wizards and Atlanta Hawks played four straight games where the outcome was decided in the closing moments of the game. Paul Pierce hit a big shot in all of four of those games, which is why after his last second three-pointer swished through the net in Game 6, the Hawks were rightfully shocked.

He had done it again.

But after officials reviewed the play and determined that the ball was still in Pierce's hand when the buzzer sounded, the Hawks breathed a sigh of relief. Or in Jeff Teague's case, his heart could beat normally again.

From Chris Vivalmore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“I almost had a heart attack, man,” Teague said. “(Pierce) just won't give up. He keeps fighting. He's a great player. He makes big-time shots. When I saw him get the ball I said, ‘He's going to make it.' And he did. Luckily, the time ran out.”

Teague had the same reaction everyone watching did when Pierce shot the ball. His teammate DeMarre Carroll had a similar reaction but also believed divine intervention stepped in.

“When they ran the play, I saw John Wall get the ball,” Carroll said. “I was like, ‘Man, should I foul him or should I just contest the 3?' I know these whole NBA playoffs have been buzzer-beaters. I didn't want the game to end on a buzzer beater, and I didn't want Coach mad at me.

“John Wall handed it off, and I chased him. By the time I turned around I saw Paul Pierce shooting the ball, and I was about to cry. I said, ‘Not again.' It went through, but the basketball gods were on our side. They let us get through this one.”

Amazingly, despite all four of Pierce's heroic shots, the Wizards only won one game of out the four and now Atlanta is in the Eastern Conference Finals.



Jeff Teague was just joking about having a heart attack.

Jeff Teague was just joking about having a heart attack. (USATSI)

By Ananth Pandian | NBA writer