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Module BM Articles Slider Master:

  • This is what you need for slideshow or slider, module support for content component.
  • This Module give 8 themes, you can select the theme that you want and you will be happy with it.
  • Each theme support to show title and description with different ways.
  • You can select data in categories or specific items that you want to show.
  • This module support you config color for title, desciption and special that you can config color for button and active status of button.
  • You can turn on or off pagging too.

Module's Configs:

* This is a Module for joomla 2.5 and 3.x
* The Module support to show content's images.
* Retrieve items from categories or Select specific items
* Items's id: Type Items's id that you want to show. Format: id1,id2,id3
* Image size : XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge
* Image's link: Link for image or not
* Select Themes: 2 themes, default and theme1
* Image's width & Image's width config
* Select Resize Type: Scale fill, Scale Inside, Scale Outside, Crop, Crop Resize
* Title limit: Limit text for title
* Readmore Limit: Limit text for description
* Show description: Yes or not
* Kept Html: Kept html tags or not
* Title color: You can set color for title
* Description color: You can set color for Description
* Buttons color: You can set color for buttons(next, preview and paging)
* Buttons active color: You can set color for buttons when active
* Show readmore or not
* Readmore label: Label for readmore link
* Timeout: Time between each slide
* Visible items: number items, images show on first page - use for theme1
* Item start: Start item for slider
* Select effect: scrollHorz, fade, fadeout, carousel(use for theme1), none
* Hover: Stop when hover or not
* Responsive: you want slider auto resize please select 'Yes'
* Swipe: Yes or No
* Show paging: Yes or No.
* Load Jquery: Yes or No.