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Module BM Articles Smooth Slideshow is an Amazing slideshow for content component.

  • This module support 100% responsive both for main image and paging.
  • You can set number items of paging to show. Eg: you have 7 items but you only show 5 on paging you can do it.
  • Smooth slideshow support 4 nice effect, it make you slideshow is really smooth.
  • You can paging with 3 different type: show thumbnails, show number or show circle.
  • Paging was supported show outside or inside of slideshow.
  • This module support Touch drag and Mouse drag for both (main image and paging).
  • Select Resize Type: Select a Type to Resize Images (6 types, you can use ORIGINAL IMAGE type if want to show image not resized).
  • Get Images From: Where do you to get a image from an article (Full article image, Intro Image  or Intro Text).
  • Auto height: When you select this param is 'Yes' slideshow will change height when change image and images has different heights.
  • Number items on paging: This param help you control number items on paging with different screens size.
  • You can set color for link and text too.
  • Support 'Auto play', 'Stop on hover', 'Lazy load'...
  • You can set width and height for thumbnails and main image.