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- Description:

- This is an amazing module for show categories's items like a tab. It is a supper tab with many config help you control it. The module use ajax to load data, help your website look nice. This module maybe called is 'Tab Ajax Category', because each tab is one category was selected in module's config. When click to tab, the data will be loaded to tab content area.

- The module support 5 themes (Default, Theme1, theme2, Theme3, Theme4). Sepcial Theme3 show items as a slidehow - Woa Amazing!

- Many configs to control element of tab (Show | Hide).

- Support Responsive: Could config columns for each screen width (devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone..)

- It can display like a listing page with loadmore button (load data ajax): Because you can select One category then config to hide tab header. Eg - If you want to build a content items listing page, you can select category is 'All category' then congfig to hide "tab header" with param "Show header tab".

- It can display like a slideshow too: If you select "Theme3" then hide "tab header", you will have a slideshow. Enjoy it!

- Module's params:
- Common Configs:

Select categories for tab, one category is one tab.

Number items for each category (each tab).

Show Featured Articles or not.

For items when select data.

Filter items by author.

Select tab's theme that you want. Support 5 theme (Default, Theme1, theme2, Theme3, Theme4).

Select 'Yes' First page of tabs will be loaded by Ajax. If you select 'No' First page of tabs will be loaded normal (no Ajax).

Select 'All' if you want all items will be appended one time else select 'Each' each item will be append to module's target.

Do you want to show no-image picture when item has no image?

You can hide 'tab header'. Module will become a listing or slider.

Set image's width for resize.

Set image's height for resize.


Where do you to get a image from an article (Full article image, Intro Image, Intro Text).

Character number for introtext (short description).

- Config for Default, Theme1, Theme2, Theme4 and some for theme3:
- Params config columns for each screen width:

Number columns for min width is 1024px.

Number columns for min width is 768px and max width is 1024px.

Number columns for min width is 480px and max width is 768px.

Number columns for min width is 320px and max width is 480px.

Number columns for min width is 240px and max width is 320px.

Turn on & off image.

Turn on & off title.

Add link for title (Y/N).

Add H tag for title if you want.

Show author(Y/N).

Show category (Y/N).

Show publish date (Y/N).

Show hits time (Y/N).

Show description (Y/N).

Show readmore button (Y/N).

Show icon readmore button (Y/N).

Show loadmore button (Y/N).

- Config for Theme3:

Number of items will show on slideshow's one page.

This option determines whether or not a slideshow can advance from the last slide to the first (or vice versa).

for only this theme, Slideshow support Responsive or not

Support user can swipe on mobile, tablet, ..

Pause slideshow when hover.

Speed when change item.

Item's order to start slideshow, start from 0.

Time foreach change slide, If you put '0' value slideshow will not auto.

Select easing effect, This config support for all theme.

Load Jquery If your website doesn't has Jquery file. If Your website has loaded JQuery You should select 'No' For sure this module can run correct!