918 Spyder

Is there anything that can surprise us in today’s world? We’ve been to the moon. We’ve constructed satellites that show us the right path to take to reach our desti­ nation, right down to the foot. We harvest alternative energy from the sun, from wind, and from water. We are merely one click away from having millions of answers. At all times. Thus, once again the question: Is there anything that can surprise us in today’s world? Yes. The answer is us.
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Nothing makes us hold our breath  like a utopia becoming a reality.


We can do it by understanding each day to be a future that we ourselves contribute to. A future that enables us to do things that  alter the way the world thinks.  We can do it by creating moments in which something that never  existed before now completely  revolutionizes the way we live. 

More than 60 years ago, Ferry   Porsche did no less than this. What was it he said? "At the start, I took  a look around, but couldn’t find the car I dreamt of. So, I decided to build it myself." It became a classic, a milestone. Even then it was ahead of its time.

And today? Today, too, we are placing ourselves in a head­to­ head race with the future. For  the future changes, yielding new demands on alternatives and  radical new ideas for the high  performance car of the future. The future requires progress and new technologies for milestones  in performance and milestones  in efficiency. After all, the future also needs to be fun. It needs to offer fun while driving. 

The 918 Spyder has arrived in  the future, leaving behind a new reality that is available today. A milestone. 


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